About Me

I am lucky enough to work in an area which I really enjoy, and over the years have built up some really special relationships with my clients.

The bond I make with my customers works both ways and I have been privileged to call them friends, as the years have elapsed.

They return to me and also recommend me to their families and friends.

This means that I don’t have to spend a lot on conventional advertising and just let my website – and my customers – do the talking.

I have been a professional in home construction since leaving school in 1983. Having served my apprenticeship in plastering, I moved onto general housebuilding, bricklaying and carpentry skills.

Until 1999, my sole and only trade was in home construction – but then the millennium happened and that all changed.

Because in the year 2000 I designed and built my first home – and then sold it as well.

With a couple of years, I became a registered Realtor and now I am able to see both sides of the property business, from the point of view of a construction pro and a selling pro, alike.

I find that the grounding I have had in construction is a major advantage when it comes to selling homes.

I can tell straight away the kind of work that a property needs doing on it and what sort of attention it is going to want.

This kind of advice is invaluable to clients and really helps them decide which home is right for them.

I am also able to advise clients on who to hire and the best contractors in the business to select.

Because I know everyone in the industry, I can give the recommendations on suppliers, as well as providers of services.

If you want to buy a new home, regardless of who you are or the size of your budget, look no further than Kevin Rich Realtor!