Your Guide To Hiring The A Team For Your Home Renovation

Remodeling your home is a big deal. And whether you’re doing it for yourself or in order to sell your house, it needs to be approached properly from the word go.

Here’s how to ensure you hire the construction world’s A Team and not its Z list.


One of the main reasons a construction project fails, is because of poor planning.

Like anything in life, your remodeling job needs a plan. Not just some wafting ideas about creating a ‘mood’.

You need to write your thoughts down – firstly for yourself and then for the people you hire, to follow.

If design is really not your strong suit, then you should begin by hiring an architect to assist you. This will have to advantage of taking the rest of the responsibility off you and onto them, for the design and implementation of the plan.

However, this might be rather expensive and you may prefer to be in charge of the overall job yourself, just hiring decorators and professionals as needed.

Either way, you need to map it out.


Don’t just ring the first person you find on Google.

Draw up a proper list of contractors and then do some research into them, online.

One or two unfavorable reviews may be alright, but if there are a whole load of them, it’s best to avoid that contractor.

Going online is a great research tool, but don’t forget to ask your friends and family as well for their recommendations.

Real life word of mouth endorsements are always worth five of anything you will see on a review site.


Here, it is wise to remember that you are, in fact, an employer and so as such, should conduct interviews for this project.

After all, it is *only* your home that you are asking strangers to basically knock down and build up again.

It is therefore imperative to have people you can trust working in your home.

Don’t ever hire anyone without meeting them in a face to face situation.

Think carefully about the questions you will ask them. Make sure you see their documentation and insurance papers.

But ultimately, also ensure that you can get along with this person, as well.

Always remember to put the effort into the groundwork for your remodel – a plan can’t come together if you never had one to begin with!