What My Clients Say…

As a sole trader, I don’t have an advertising budget, or a marketing department behind me.

My clients are my broadcasting service, and it is their loyalty which has provided me with their continuing custom, as well as introduced me to others.

So, instead of explaining the first-rate service that I strive to provide to my clients, I decided to simply let them have their say instead.


“Wow. I was totally blown away by Kevin’s approach to buying a home. As a first time buyer, my head was in a spin and I was mega stressed out about the whole thing.”

“But Kevin managed to keep me grounded and focused on the things that mattered. He was always there, to respond to my emails, even when I messaged him at two o clock on a Sunday morning, in a panic!”

“Kevin goes above and beyond anything that I expected of a Realtor and even better, he was able to recommend to me all the building contractors for my new home, from personal experience of working with them.”

“I would totally recommend Kevin to anyone looking to buy a home in this area!”


“My husband and I took the difficult decision to leave our beautiful home and downsize to one much smaller.”

“Our children had both flown the nest and we were on the lookout for something a lot more modest, but still with the space for guests and of course, a great garden that Bill could get stuck into.”

“The only problem was, despite having lived in this area for forty three years, we had no idea where to start when it came to the business of buying a new home.”

“Although money was not a problem, we were concerned about falling prey to greedy real estate agents. This was not something that I needed to worry about with a registered Realtor.”

“Choosing Kevin to help buy our new home was the best decision ever and he made the whole process so easy.”

“Because it was four decades since we sold or bought a home, everything had changed and it was really good to have him in our corner, helping us sort the wheat from the chaff…”


“As a landlord, I buy a lot of properties and don’t always have a lot of time free.”

“Kevin got to the nitty gritty fast and knew immediately what I wanted, but also, more importantly, the sort of approach I needed to the whole business.”

“Couldn’t recommend heartily enough…”